Hey guys, I want to know what are some of your favorite videos on the site? Either post them on the message board or email me! Thanks :)

I love my members!!!

Hey!! So after a little break, I'm baaaack and WILDER than ever!! I decided the site needed a little makeover, so I changed a few things and have alot more coming soon! Cum inside to check out my latest naughty adventures!

MORE NEW STUFF!! Well now my members will get totally FREE access to watch all of my recorded private cam shows anytime they'd like! Right on my webcam page. I do like 10-20 a week! Enjoy!

Live cam show time changed to 5pm PST..can't wait to chat with you! xox

Live HARDCORE FUCKING cam show tonight at 9pm PST...only available to my members! You WONT want to miss it!!

Sooo, I thought it was time for another hot little anal video ;)

I had a LOT of fun today!! It was great to have a cock around fucking me from behind and giving me a nice sticky warm load on my face!! There is some POV footage from another camera to put up.. Hope you guys like it!!

Hi everyone! Come check out my latest photo and video sets...I think they are some of the hottest ones yet!

Check out our "Porn Pics" on the newly updated Bonus page!

About me, hmmm......I get turned on by the thought of other people watching me get off! I started this site in January 2006. I guess I'm a pretty typical "girl next door", except with an extremely sexual, and very naughty side to me. I like to be naked, pretty much all the time, which can be dangerous sometimes considering all the windows that are in my house!!! I love sex, and am very open about it. I am into guys and girls alike. Okay, maybe I like girls just a little bit more ;) I like trying new things, especially when it comes to sex! So hopefully you like me and will want to cum join me inside!
My favorite thing to do is have anal sex! haha.. kidding, well kind of kidding. Anyway, I like hanging out with girlfriends, traveling, cooking, photography, shopping...typical girl stuff! Favorite sex position...I don't have a favorite, I like them all. But taking it in the ass is pretty high up the list...lol. I love tattoos, I think they are really sexy, I have a few. I like chatting with my members, adding to my site, getting all dolled up and taking sexy pictures. Oh and of course... I love sharing all my sexual fantasies and experiences with you!!!


I never considered starting a website based on all of my sexual adventures... until I met my friend Chase. He has been a web designer for several years, and is the one who kind of turned me onto the idea. I have always been very sexual, and have always loved the thought of being watched by others...I guess I'm a bit of a voyeur that way....hehe!! So when he suggested we do a website showcasing all of my naughty little adventures....I was all for it! Get fucked, and be watched by others??? Sounds like the perfect "job" for me! I get so turned on just knowing that you will be getting off by watching me do the same. I am very into my site, and like keeping it sexy and interesting for my guys. I answer all of my member's emails...and yes, it's really me writing them..lol. Chat with you soon....


Ass Bling!
Every girl loves a little bling....so when I saw this rhinestone studded vibe, I just HAD to buy it! It was prefect size to fit right in my tight little ass, but once I started playing with it, I got even more turned on, my pussy started dripping wet and was just begging to be fi...
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Afterschool Fuck
Coming home from class one day, I was once again surprised with the video camera...but of course I didn't mind, I always love the chance to give you a naughty little show ;) Plus it was the perfect chance to tell you, or rather SHOW you what I had learned in my human sexuality cl...
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Taken advantage of in the middle of the night!!
Soooo here I was, trying to get a good nights rest...a girl needs her beauty sleep ya know?? hehe...Well anyway, I get woken up out of a dead sleep to some pervert (hehehe ;) molesting me! At first I just thought I was dreaming, but then he started rubbing my legs and touching my...
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Me masturbating just for you ;)
It's been a really long time since I made a video with just me, you and the camera ;) I wanted to give you somethin a little more personal so I setup my camera on the tripod, grabbed a favorite toy of mine, and set down in front of the cam to give you a sexy one on one show ;) I ...
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Wetter than ever before!!
SO you've probably already checked out the pics that preceded this video (and if you haven't...then you're missing out lol!) where I was stripping out of a hot little outfit and pleasuring myself with a rather large toy, and REALLY enjoying myself in the process hehe ;) So much s...
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Marathon Fucking part 2!
Here's the hot conclusion to part one, where you can watch me get fucked in every position possible! I like this video, its very "voyeuristic" of me, basically just a camera setup recording a typical fuck session with me and my friend Silas. See me doing it all....from riding on ...
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Video of me getting DIRTY while I'm cleaning!
So here's the hot little video I made to go along with those pics of me getting down and dirty in the kitchen! I It starts out all nice and innocent, with me just teasing you a bit (you know how I LOVE to tease you ;) and then I get VERY naughty! So naughty, that I even started f...
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Amy and Haley have a sleepover ;)
So my HOT friend Amy came over to have a sleepover the other night. Of course anytime one of my girlfriends comes over we always manage to get naked and naughty with each other! We put on our matching PJs, set up the video camera in the bedroom, and decided to give you guys a lit...
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